Our newest addition to our EDC line of products

The latest innovation from MGEAR brings together the ultimate, form fit and function on your utility belt. This will serve as the base product for all the upcoming series of EDC belt attachments launching this year. 

This modern tactical belt uses our patent pending buckle mechanism design with neodymium magnets to attract and securely lock the two parts of the buckle together. 

The locking and releasing of the buckle is so easy and seamless that it can be done with just one hand and  had proven itself to be very reliable during our rigorous testing.

The front of the buckle serves as magnetic holder to keep a micro coin knife practical and handy for everyday needs.



  • Buckle assembly is made out of aluminum,  layered with Kydex and Holstex engineered thermoplastic. 
  • Coin Knife included.
  • Neodymium Magnetic locking mechanism.
  • Strong Quality 38mm Nylon Webbing.
  • Size 42 (max), can be cut to size (use flame to melt the end).

Add ons

Health Pack Holster/Belt Clip


 Our Health Pack Holster/Belt Clip are made of  Waterproof Aluminum Medical Storage Containers on Kydex and Leather Holder.

We designed this belt worn pillbox kit for maximum convenience and minimal siz

Magnetic Gadget Holster


Magnetic gadget holster perfectly fits our 10 in 1 Folding Multi tool and other similar tools in place using a powerful neodymium magnet and belt clip made from spring steel that securely keeps the tool in place.  

Hardbox EDC Belt Pouch


The Hardbox EDC belt pouch is the hybrid of creatively joining leather and Kydex without using any stitching resulting to an elegant and modern method to produce a reliable, strong yet stylish product.